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It all begins around the table...

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Welcome to TESSY'S TABLESCAPES, high quality linens and tablewares, proving achievable luxury need not cost a fortune.

And we're live!

After months of 'sparkler moments' which inspired us to create TESSY'S TABLESCAPES, sourcing beautiful linens and tableware from around the world, and getting to grips with website building, we have arrived here, in our corner of the Internet! Welcome!

In light of You Know What, which has assailed all of us these past two years, so many of us have rediscovered the love of home and entertaining. Having spent months apart from loved ones, now we take every opportunity to meet, greet, and eat - and it all begins around the table.

And TESSY'S TABLESCAPES is here for you to easily elevate your dinner parties by throwing together some well-matched linens and designware purchased from our online shop, as well as providing a space that offers tips and tricks on tablescaping and entertaining!

So, welcome, take a seat at our table.

Founded by Tess Shepherd, TESSY'S TABLESCAPES offers linen and tableware collections for a little slice of achievable luxury that won't break the bank. As your Instagram feed has undoubtedly told you, tablescaping has become a bit of a hot home topic and we aim to show you that you can add some pomp and ceremony to your Wednesday night table without spending a fortune or losing valuable time that you just don't have to spare.

We invite you to peruse our online shop, sign up to our blog Tessy's Table, and follow us on Instagram, @tessystablescapes for inspiration - and please get in touch! We are excited to share TESSY'S TABLESCAPES with you. So, welcome, take a seat at our table.

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