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It all begins
around the table


It's a table embellished with candles burning down to the wick, a riot of half-full glasses and half-formed plans, languorously-enjoyed plates of food, a tangle of too many friends pressed shoulder-to-shoulder, hip-to-hip and a joyful cacophony of noise as stories are shared and news is broken. It's epic sweeping tales and fond memories all made over groaning bowls of pasta, one-too-many-cocktails, and can’t-possibly-leave-yet coffees. It's blousy blooms beginning to wilt as the hours pass, scallop-edged placemats catching spilt secrets, and hand-printed linens setting the scene for unforgettable moments. 

It’s drop-everything invitations, hand-written thank you cards, and laughter-filled catch-up calls the following morning; it’s where dreams are designed, dealt, and sometimes destroyed. It’s casual mid-week lunches, romantic date nights, and riotous family reunions, as well as snatched working brunches, relationship summit meetings, and Saturday evenings that bleed well into Sunday. It’s for weddings, wakes, and well, every time we break bread in between.


But it all begins with the table. 


And inspired the launch of Tessy’s Tablescapes, linens and tableware that effortlessly set the scene. 


The company was founded in 2021 by London-based, Scottish-born Tess, from a love of simple, thrown-together entertaining and a wish to share tips, tricks, and tablesetting pieces that can easily be pulled together when you’re short on time, but long on guestlists. Plus, Tess is strong in the belief that creating a stunning backdrop to the main focus – good food and great company – need not cost a fortune. 


With a focus on relaxed and unassuming colourful tableware and printed linens that effortlessly lift any-old-Tuesday, Tess invites you to pull up a chair and take a seat at where it all began – around the table. 

7_Tessys Tablescapes Founder Tess Shepherd the Charley blue and mint Linen and Napkin Tabl
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