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The Lily Clear Glass Candlesticks (pair)

The Lily Clear Glass Candlesticks (pair)


Set the mood with…The Lily Clear Glass Candlesticks (pair). Inspired by cut glass and crystal decanters, these multi-faceted candlesticks provide a prism-like surface to cast playful light over your lunch or dinner party scene. 15 minutes notice to whip-up supper for the mother-in-law? You can’t go wrong with pesto-crusted salmon, zingy Ottolenghi salads, and the Lily candlesticks between you and her barbed comments.


    Need the recipe to 'maze the mother-in-law? Sign up to our blog, Tessy's Table.


    The Lily Clear Glass Candlesticks (pair) include:

    • Two pressed glass candlesticks, 16cm high.
    • Please enjoy the Lily Clear Glass Candlesticks (pair), whilst bearing in mind that glass is beautiful yet delicate.

    • Wipe clean.
    • Do not let the candle burn too low. We suggest changing candles when the wax reaches approx. 5cm above the glass candlestick cup.
    • Turn off Love Island, read a book. You’re better than that.